Fckin' Flava

Beautiful all-day vapes in a range of fruity and creamy flavours, Fcukin Flava is a brand that's committed to constantly improving their products. With a huge selection of juices in their repertoire, the people behind the brand are amazing flavourists, cooking up vape juice flavours that are exquisitely balanced and extremely tasty.

If you like fruity all-day vape juices, any one of the e-juices in their ADV series is a superb choice. For those who love creamy flavours, there are two ranges to choose from — the Cream series and Hush. Cloud chasers can check out the Cloud Series or Godzilla, both of which come with a high VG percentage.

These brewers have been around for some time and the Fcukin Flava brand well-known (and well-loved!) worldwide. Not one to rest on their laurels, these guys are still constantly bettering their flavours and product range.

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